Cabling Installation

Structured Cabling Installation

Cabling for small and medium enterprises may include wiring of hundreds of feet of cables throughout your building that also past other types of wires, powerlines, pipes and cords. While the tasks may involve lots of drilling, cutting cables and attaching jacks, you should always get help from professional structured data cabling service providers.  Structured data cabling service provider can deal with the complexity of data cabling by following step by step approach and best practices that may help you save lots of time and money.

As per the implementation procedure, we are always keep in mind to proceed with the standard guidelines before we begin the installation process and they are the following; 

· Gathering documentations, planning & design

·  We always use the reliable brand of cables for voice and data transmission

·  We always make sure the proper cable management and layout for easy maintenance

· We always observed the possible interference  and avoiding run of cables alongside of high current electrical wiring that causes the dropping of bandwidth transmission. 

· We always observed that the wiring termination is a 100% TIA/EIA 568 standard compliance. 

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